It’s Time for TMS 2.0

TMS has long been a catch-all term to describe any logistics system that helps manage the process of shipping. Logistics services providers use a TMS and so do their shipper customers, but obviously in different ways. The term is old,...

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What’s the True State of Digitization in Logistics?

Digitization and technology are things talked a lot about in global supply chain logistics. Unfortunately, the conversation is usually focused on the lack of both. Criticism for failing to embrace technology is not as simple as blaming groups like freight...

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How Technology Can Protect and Grow Margins for Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarding is about margins. There is, of course, a lot that goes into being a successful forwarder but with no margins there are no profits. This means your ability to protect and grow margins is the key to your...

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Analysis: Was this Prediction from 2009 that "Small Freight Forwarders Will Just Disappear" Correct

Back in 2009, Air Cargo New published this article, Small Freight Forwarders Will Just Disappear as a recap of statements from DHL Global Forwarding to the Financial Times regarding a dark future looming for small freight forwarders. The comments...

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What Are the Biggest Threats to the Freight Forwarding Industry?

Freight forwarding is a hard business. Companies in the space face a lot of competitive pressure from all parts of the industry. Worse yet, many of the challenges are simply outside of their control. The inherent international nature of the...

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What Are the Tools of the Modern Freight Forwarder?

The logistics industry in general, and freight forwarders in particular, get a lot of criticism for being behind the times with their adoption of technology. This is hardly a new observation. But, it seems the time is at hand where...

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Analysis: Blockchain not a panacea for supply chain traceability, transparency

Block chain is one of the hottest topics of discussion in both the supply chain and finance circles. Of course it’s on our radar because of InterArc’s focus on creating better processes and technology for using data and information in...

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Why Is There the Perception that Freight Forwarders Are Slow to Adapt to Technology?

It’s common to read about how the entire global supply chain is behind the times when it comes to using technology. It’s as if everyone is still relying only on phone calls and faxes to get their jobs done. While...

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Data and a More Efficient Shipping Process

Logistics is a data driven process. It runs on data, and produces a lot of it too. While this creates opportunities, it creates challenges as well. The largest is that the data used in the process of shipping comes from...

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Analysis: 1 out of 3 Companies Underprepared for Digital Transformation

Digitization is not innovative anymore - it's really just average. That is if you consider your self a market leader in your respective industry. Companies lagging in this way are most likely also lagging their competitors and not growing. This...

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